No means no, Gary!

We needed to run an errand and wanted lunch. We had plans to go to the new place next door, but they are only open for dinner, which is odd given the location and what we know of the place. So, we went back to a pizza place on the other side. It’s not really the best fit for E’s tastes (Detroit style), but he likes their meatballs.

I was about to order a pepperoni and mushroom thing when E points out the special: Brussels Sprouts, creamy white wine sauce, whipped goat cheese dollops, topped with julienned carrots and slivered almonds. It sounded interesting and different. And after four years of not being able to eat “anything” I’ll try some weird combos of foods I like.

Our server/bartender Seth, comes back to ask if I’m allergic. It turns out the almonds are mixed into the carrots. (I like almonds if they are very fresh, very well seasoned, and if all I’m eating is almonds. I don’t like them slivered and in things. I don’t like that kind of texture in my foods.) No biggie; no carrots, either. Seth is happy and puts in our order.

Now, let’s aside for a minute. Nuts are a major allergen. Even if you think they are they perfect topping to this strange pizza, why would you mix them into any of the other ingredients? Wouldn’t you think someone in the restaurant industry would know this and avoid that problem? Or, make two batches of carrots? Or have one extra carrot lying around that can be shredded on the spot, if needed?

Next, some guy who isn’t our server (Gary), asked again about any allergy and then scolded me: “You want the almonds.”

“No. I do NOT want them. I don’t like them.”

He argued again, saying they “make” the dish.

I said no again, explaining that the cream sauce and whipped goat cheese were the parts I was looking forward to.

He then apologized, but in a tone of “I’m sorry you won’t listen.”

Gary, do you do this to dates, too? Creepy fucker!

Turns out, the pizza was quite lovely the way I ordered it. I’m even scheming for how I can combine those flavors at home for when I make Brussels sprouts.

I ate a piece and a half and got a box. We paid our tab and left.

I doubt we’ll be back, mostly because there isn’t enough for E, but also because ew, Gary is creepy.

Recipe with "No means No Gary" written next to the tip and total lines.
No means No, Gary.

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