We don’t have anything specific we would share on this topic…but it has been our focus lately.

Between the Pandemic and the move, we were behind on a lot of medical things like checkups and dental visits. Remember when they told us we couldn’t go but then never told us when it was okay again? Anyway, we have hit it hard on those things. Every week, we have at least two appointments/tests/errands/etc for these things.

Our Texas-based “retirement” insurance is working fairy well up here. It’s still absurd that we have to pay so much to the hellacious racket, but it’s better than I expected it would be. I’m always flummoxed by “required” and “mandatory” tests and things that are not covered by insurance. Is it necessary or not? If so, pay. If not, quit using those I-don’t-think-that-word-means-what-you-think-it-means words. Again, navigating it all is hell.

Strangely, it’s a good time to be doing all of this.

  • We’ve made use of the most recent Covid/Omicron spike in Denver. With the mild winter, we haven’t had to drive in too much snow or ice.
  • We can’t get the RV out of hibernation until probably May, anyway.
    Related: We are planning a big summer trip! So stay tuned for pics and stories come early September
    ….she writes into the void of a new website with no readers.

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